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has been running a multitude of campaigns on the visual marketing giant, one campaign that rocked the marketing boat was John Mayers use of Instagram Live to better engage his followers and push the songs on the album. Read More, case Studies, about bark bark helps dog owners spoil their four-legged friends by sending them themed packages stuffed with treats and. This is an interesting strategy because it pulls influencers existing followings to new accounts with content more relevant to specific brand. They deserve all the credit, he said. DJI, drone industry leader DJI consistently puts out high quality content on their Instagram profile - and their latest marketing efforts have been no different. Firstly, I love that its a giveaway - hosting a contest is always an incredibly effective way to engage your target audience and spread the word about your brand (if youre looking for a contest app, check out.

Instagram stories might  stimulate a higher level of content generation, as the 24-hour feature removes some of the pressure for the perfect picture, Hall explains. Read More, case Studies, about Trek Bicycle Trek Bicycle brands include Trek, Electra Bicycle Company, Bontrager, and Diamant Bikes and offer.

Next, I like that Shake Shack mixed media types - theres a collection of hi-res photos as well as simple phone-shot videos that help document the new locations launch. Luckily, Ive put together 15 of the best Instagram marketing campaigns from 2017, featuring examples from brands like Airbnb, Amazon, Nintendo and more. Lokais widespread fanbase has allowed it to craft an social media marketing plan revolving primarily around user-generated content to promote its products. The posts give your followers a (much-welcome) break from your regular Instagram content, and are often more engaging based solely on their subject matter. Amazon, amazon ran an Instagram marketing campaign to thank their users and fans for rating them #1 in corporate reputation. It is hard to be novel in this market when it is so easy to follow. Read More, case Studies, most businesses dream of having millions of fans. Instagram owner Facebook has a history of integrating its rivals best features, having added Twitter-esque mobile shopping coupons hashtags and live streaming over recent years.

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