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dont think the owners would allow me to accept it the white roommate stated. 3 large cheese pizzas. I cant make it out. Free large zeppolis with any 25 delivery. I believe if you look at our staff you would agree there is nothing racist about us). After Casey posted the video of the incident on social media, the company soon released a statement.

He looks. However, Casey said opposite and claimed he had no problem being invited to sit down and dine in at the establishment. He was like, Oh yeah, thats not problem, etc., etc., and while he was agreeing to it, I took my hand off the coupon. Expires 6/30/18, dINE IN only, must Present Coupon. Our dough is made fresh, twice per day in every Zeppes pizzeria. The Pizza Inn restaurant in Rocky Mount, North Carolina refused to accept a Black customers coupon but later accepted the card from the mans white roommate without hesitation. Alexander said that if the restaurant checks coupons then it needs to be fair across the board.

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