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a velvet smooth ride, but its stiffness means that it really packs a punch when you get out the saddle the front end acting as one unit as opposed to thrusting from side to side as a standard set-up. The Bora 50 wheels catch a little more wind than shallower rims, but its not a nasty surprise. With the sort of handling and pace to satisfy a top pro, and a build to satisfy the fattest of wallets, the Oltre XR4 is about as complete a race bike as anyone could wish for. This article was originally published. Its claimed to cancel up to 80 percent of road vibrations, so reducing muscle fatigue, improving control and helping you maintain an efficient position for longer while making the structure stiffer and stronger. The head tube on our 50cm frame measured 110mm and stack and reach stood at 499/384: the drop to the bars was notably lower than that of most steeds in the average bike shop.

Brand new for the Oltre XR4 is the option to customise your new bike using their Tavolozza colour configurator. . Biagio Roggia Studio n il sito di ecommerce del negozio fisico RDR bikes.

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What sets this bike apart is that it provides the best of two conflicting worlds: comfort and aerodynamics, without making sacrifices on either which is why we chose it to sit among the Cycling Weekly Editors Choice bikes of 2017 a privilege afforded only to the. Misure - colori, prezzo listino.690,00 contattaci per il prezzo scontato, torna ai contenuti. If its just too much, there is the. Biciclette, caratteristiche, telaio: oltre XR4 carbon CON countervail. Reggisella: Oltre Full Carbon Aero, testa regolabile and reversibile /- 35mm; lungh.: 250mm-47cm, 300mm-50/53cm, 350mm-55/59cm, 380mm-61cm, arretramento 25mm/10mm. Comfortable aero bike: an oxymoron?