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sturdy sliding trays. Robert I would not recommend that. I like the quality of EuroCave and while I'm not overly concerned with the temperature fluctuation I'd like to see it adjusted like my older unit. So far its working very well.

I only have a few Pinot style bottles (which are wider, but not as tall) - I suspect they'd also be 10 per shelf. You didn't ask, but so far I think the advertised capacity is on target. Call the sales people. The EuroCave cellar has functioned very well, maintaining the desired 55 degree internal temperature without significant variation. The Euro Cave draws very little power and are quite economical to operate. The customer service during the ordering process was handled by a knowledgeable person who answered any and all questions I had before the purchase was official and I have been contacted a few times since to make sure the unit is delivering as designed. The unit seems tight and cools well. Best answer: Thank you for your question.

coupon must wine 10 euro is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want. Best answer: Good morning. I personally have. Euro, cave wine coolers.

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