magento 2 coupon exclude disconted products

to do the same as in point 1 and point 2 of this article, the only difference with point 2 is settings in the following part of Action section: Apply the rule only to cart items. Fixed amount discount for whole cart To set the discount for whole cart means the updated price is calculated by subtracting the discount from the cart total. Uses per Coupon sets the number of times the coupon code is used. Limit the times of using the coupon in the. As a Magento 2 admin, you can deliver a gift card right from the backend. Step 1: Create a New Rule. It lets you creane new rules as well as edit the existing ones. Lets check a couple of particular cases and see how coupons should be set upon them:.

Catalog price rule is used to offer a rule -based discount that is displayed to customers as they browse your product catalog. 4 aheadWorks Coupon Code Generator. 5 Magento 2 Gift Cards by Mageworx. 6 MageDelight Product Bundled Discount Magento 2 Extension.

Click on the true link, true and false options are available. Then if you want, you can limit the number of uses per customer. Besides, you will be able to get ride of unpopular products or share promo materials related to your brand. A general coupon code on all products. Buy X get Y free When there are X number of items in customers cart, they will receive a quantity (Y) for free Enter the Discount Amount with only numbers. The most popular deals widely offered with the aid of this Magento 2 extension are: Purchase items and get the cheapest one for free; Buy products and get a discount for one of them (the cheapest or the most expensive Get discount from each spent;. Now your client can use your discount coupon in Apply discount code section in checkout if after all customisations to default Magento 2 that you did there is still such a section.